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  1. Augsburg_EN goes live

    In the Europa League for the first time, FC Augsburg are growing as a club both on and off the pitch. At the beginning of 2016, mmc took over their English Twitter and Facebook channels as well as their new …

  2. Be prepared with Opta and mmc

    The Bundesliga has quickly become one of the most-watched leagues in the world and with growth comes demand. Opta have long provided in-depth statistical analysis of the world’s best leagues and mmc sport is delighted to have the opportunity to …

  3. #DieMannschaft

    #DieMannschaft celebrated World Cup success in Brazil in 2014, now fans can keep up-to-date with Schweinsteiger, Neuer & Co. on their quest for European glory. Not only do we provide English content for the website, Facebook and Twitter, Spanish fans …