About us

mmc sport is a Munich based independent media agency that was founded in 1995. The company offers services to a variety of media channels and advertisers. Since 1995 the company has reported on the majority of major events in the sporting world. Alongside supplying the content for approximately 200 registered radio stations, the company also implements PR and promotional projects (e.g. for Premiere, Philips and bwin.de) via radio and other media channels. Additionally, mmc sport supply UEFA with editorial content in both text and audio form in a variety of languages, as well as for internet (e.g. the German version of the homepage) and telecommunication purposes. The official league radio of the DFL on www.bundesliga.de was produced by the company. The agency also provides content for the Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic versions of the FC Bayern München website.

Multi-Channel-Solutions: For radio, internet, TV, telecommunication providers, publishing houses, sports clubs, associations, media, sports companies and brands.
Our USP: We provide a unique line-up of international journalists, reporters, commentators and translators – in more than 20 languages.

Partners of mmc sport GmbH are Morten Püschel, Klaus Klump and Axel Ruppert. Other management members include Stephan Rohde (Marketing & Sales).