Social media services

strategic social media

Social media should bring one thing into focus: connections. It’s all about building, developing, maintaining and utilising connections.

As a strategic sparring partner, we work with our clients to:
1) Define long-term social media goals
2) Develop consistent strategies and create strong ideas (with the idea of storytelling at the forefront)
3) Implement, track and evaluate global multi-channel solutions (with the necessary tools, as well as tailor-made signal-noise-ratio analysis)

Of particular interest for: Everyone!

More information, opinion and ideas are available on our blog We also have an insight into social media and how we feel it is best used to achieve the targeted groups in the world of sport.

add-on social media

Without too much exertion, we extend our website editorial services to diverse social media platforms, naturally in all of the desired languages.

Warning: A few tweets and some extra photos are not champion’s standard. The two are as far from one another as Pastor Maldonado and a Formula 1 title. But it is a starting point and the Venezuelan has won a Grand Prix before…

Of particular interest for: Clubs and organisations

sales social media

Concrete, time-limited goals will be outlined and a relevant campaign created and implemented. It’s about hard facts, sales, e-commerce and concrete capitalisation on operation.

For example:
+       Membership advertising for football clubs
+       Shirt sales for clubs
+       Ticket sales for event organisers
+       Meet and greet recruitment for sponsors
+       Rent-a-ski offer for a sports chain
+       Sale of a new tennis collection
+       Acquisition of new clients for sports betting companies

Sales targets can also be met through social media!

international social media

The world is our home market.

You have everything under control: Strategy, tasks and tracking but only in your domestic market. We support our clients with the adaptation of social media provisions in other languages, a service that includes localisation and, if required, near-live production.

One-stop solutions for the international market. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

unlimited social media

Social media knows no bounds – Facebook does!

We offer special services across the globe, where the established social media platforms are either un- or poorly represented. For example in China where Facebook and Co. are banned, the special microblogging platforms such as Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo or, even if the target group is a little younger than usual, Renren. The same applies to Russia, where the social platform VKontakte has five times the number of Facebook users. Consider India, or South Korea… Countries need their localisation but on the right platforms.

A must for clubs, organisations and sponsors.