Text services

mmc copy

mmc is a traditional editorial department.

We create ideas, research them and conduct interviews. We write for websites, blogs and SEO articles. We create headlines, banners and newsletters. We work for clubs, associations, events, media sources and companies. Everything we produce is tailor-made and we work on projects on a short and long-term basis for clients.

We offer our editorial services in more than 20 languages from both our main office in Munich, as well as through a number of international employees spread across the world.

mmc translation & localisation

You have the source text, but let us worry about the translation and localisation of it.

Sport is what we know. Nobody produces quicker than we do. Our editors and translators are sport fanatics and our work with clubs, associations, producers, agencies, sponsors and hosts cites shows all the signs of our passion.

The bottom line is that we deliver texts that the readers want to read. That sounds obvious, but for many “normal” translators, it is seemingly one step too far. You have to have the sport terminology in your locker and not just in terms of football either. You have to know your sport from rowing to mountain biking, and we do. The localisation of the text demands more than just the right “sporting language.” It needs measured consideration of the national protagonists in the target language.

mmc blogging

We blog on our website as well as on external blogs.

Depending on aims and the target group, we take care of content or updates for respectable corporate blogs. It’s all about colour and provocative production. That’s an inspiration of course.

Blogging has the benefit of the coveted SEO-effect but the consideration of keywords and link-building is also important.
The concept is interesting for host cities, sporting goods and sports betting companies. Clubs and associations are just as intrigued though, especially as it represents a new, fresh counter point in comparison to their latest official news production.

mmc live services

Sport is LIVE. So are we.

B2B: We produce live tickers. We moderate live chats. The format is diverse and ever changing. We integrate Twitter feeds. We interpret data. We question decisions.

B2C: We provide live data; comprehensive statistics. Our focus isn’t just on line-ups either. We look at their value as well. It’s not just about goals or corners but also chances. Did you know there are such things as half-chances and quarter-chances?

Everything exists!

mmc proofreading

You have created texts, books and magazines but is everything right?

A typo here, a grammatical error there. But it’s easy to get a hold of the situation. It would be more complicated if the focus was on the content. Interchangeable stadiums, distorted names, strange statistics. The devil is in the detail. mmc offers proofreading services for media sources, publishing houses and websites.

mmc subtitling

Video content is growing in its importance, but who in Europe understands the Japanese drifting championship? Or to flip it around, who understands German football in Asia?

mmc offers subtitling services for videos and TV programmes of any genre from high-class TV magazines and DVD documentaries to video clips for web-TV, websites and YouTube. Dependent on the aim and the format, we can work with high-end software for a TV-quality finish and even open-subtitle software for multilingual adaptations. Direct input into the system in place through a micro-blogging platform is also possible.