Voice services

mmc commentaries

Always on the ball!

mmc deliver live commentaries for international partners across the globe. The focus lies on 90-minute football commentaries, a service we provide on a weekly basis spanning across 150 games. Our commentaries are also available in tennis, motorsport, boxing, basketball, handball and ice hockey.

We are also involved in TV and radio coverage, as well as cross platforms such as web-TV, web radio, mobile radio, etc. Amongst others, we can include the likes of UEFA, the DFL, Sportfive, Plazamedia and a number of Bundesliga clubs to our clientele.

We offer all of this live coverage in 20 languages, often with one commentator, but also in the so called “English variation” with a commentary pair.

mmc clips

We record video clips in a variety of formats:
+        In advance – Including prepared scripts and translations
+        Near-live – Ensuring that news and highlights are on the desired platform as close to live as possible
+        Volley – Voice-over the videos live, without a script. Perfect solution for live and near-live services, the best example of which is a goal alert system.

The best part: We offer this service in more than 20 languages.
Meaning: You have 1 set up, 1 technical support and numerous language versions. All under one roof.

+       Minimises recruitment and coordination
+       Minimises technical costs
+       Retains top-quality across the languages

Anything left? What happens if you only have the raw material and no finished video? No problem. Our editorial team can plan and cut the clips, as well as, if necessary, finalise the professional finished version. We can even be on location in the stadium, at the press conference. We take care of the preparation of the necessary video materials on location.

mmc dubbing

We voice over a number of TV magazines, as well as Webisodes and E-learning tutorials.

Whatever you want, whether it’s for off-camera voices, commentators, interviews, sportsmen and women, we can provide a professional, economical option all under one roof. That goes for a variety of sports as well: football, F1 racing, motorsport, golf, tennis, but also alternative and extreme sports such as snowboarding, BMX, motocross, extreme climbing, or even break dancing.

We have recorded over 1,000 hours for TV-magazines such as Gillette World Sports, ATP Tour and Monster Trucks, as well as a weekly episode of the “World of Freesports.” We have also worked with table tennis and the Bundesliga for Chinese television. Our clients in this regard have included DSF, sport1, Premiere, Sky, Quattro Media, Stihl Timbersports, betradar and Red Bull Media House.

+       Near-live – Short production times for scripting, translations and voice-overs.
+       Suitable topics – Ensures correct terminology for kite surfing or free climbing teams
+       One-stop solutions – All languages, all services under one roof

Of particular interest for:
+       Producers
+       TV broadcasters
+       Video games

mmc radio

This is how it all started. We’ve been working at mmc with radio since 1995. We’ve supplied the private radio market in Germany with thousands of hours of news, features, interviews and voice-over bulletins since our founding. We’ve been involved with the biggest sporting events in the world, such as the Atlanta, Athens, and Beijing Olympics.

We have supported abundant web-radio projects with our man power, commentators and hosts, most notably the DFL league radio (2006-2009) along with the call-in-radio from 2255live. We also advise the creators of internet radio projects such as the event-radio from WDR or the sport1 radio.

mmc advertising

We have also done publicity shoots for adverts, trailers and image films. For example, radio adverts and trailers for bwin, adverts for Ford, clips for UEFA, voice recordings for Red Bull Media House, as well as corporate image clips for sportradar/betradar and Linde AG. So far, we have been involved in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Czech and Arabic with more languages expected to be added soon…